Letting Your True Self be Seen

What does it mean to let your true self be seen?

It means sharing your opinion, even if it isn't popular. It means being honest about how you really feel, even if it makes someone uncomfortable. It means showing all aspects of yourself, even the parts you think are messy or unattractive. It means being authentically you.

There are countless times I've been too scared to let my true self be seen. I believed if I showed people the parts of me that weren't pleasant and put together, they wouldn't view me as worthy of love and companionship.

So, I suppressed what I thought, felt, and wanted out of fear that it wouldn't be received well by people I desired to be accepted by. I tried to be vanilla-the flavor that "everyone likes".

As humans, we are wired with an incredibly deep desire for connection and belonging. While this is not innately bad, if our desire to be accepted by others is stronger than our will to be authentic to ourselves, we are destined to feel out of congruence.

Why are we so afraid of letting our true selves be seen? While the answers may sound different for each of us, the root of them all is shame. We don't think all parts of us will be liked, accepted, or supported. We're afraid that without the filters, we're not enough.

The problem is, when you don't show the world your true self, it causes you to feel disconnected from you. You lose touch with your likes, dislikes, dreams, regrets, beliefs, etc.

It causes you to feel disconnected from others. You may be surrounded by friends all day and still feel lonely if you don't let them see the "real" you.

It feeds the self-defeating belief that only the attractive parts of you are worthy of being seen or heard.

If you've suppressed the "true you" for a while, you may not know what is authentic to you anymore. A couple of questions to help you reconnect to yourself is to ask "What is my truth?"; "If I wasn't worried about approval from others, what would I do/say?" Acting on those impressions will increase your self-respect, self-trust, and self-esteem.

In this culture of photoshop and social media, letting your true self be seen is a bold act of courage.

There is so much freedom in being authentic. You were sent to this world with unique abilities, quirks, and imperfections. The world needs to see you-the real you.